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Auto Alarm Systems

The Benefits

Aftermarket alarm and remote start systems can add many important features to your vehicle.

Car Insurance
Having an auto alarm systems properly installed in your vehicle can reduce your auto insurance premiums which can potentially save you hundreds of dollars

Risk Reduction
Reduces the risk of vehicle theft and vandalism. Car alarams can intimidate criminals who will choose to move on to an easier target rather than tackle a vehicle protected by an alarm system

Provides an audible alert to any potential attempts of damage or theft of your vehicle

Many auto alarm system also include a panic button feature which can sound an alert so anyone around you can be notified of potentially unsafe situations

The Brands

We use several high quality aftermarket alarm and remote start systems for your vehicle. If you don't see your favorite brand alarm system, please ask! We always strive to accomodate our customers!

Window Tinting Dallas TX - Car Audio Installation
Rattler systems do it all. It offers the security of a high-quality pre-entry security system, the peace of mind that comes with a well-hidden Failsafe Starter Kill, and the convenience of remote keyless entry, which locks and unlocks your doors while it arms and disarms the system. What could be better?

Window Tinting Dallas TX - Car Audio Installation
Autopage has been the leader in design and manufacturing of high-end automotive security systems. With superior technology it's no wonder Autopage security systems are the choice of consumers and the envy of the competition.

Window Tinting Dallas TX - Car Audio Installation
Sidewinder's high-tech electronics give you all the ultra modern conveniences of today's technology but are specifically designed to make operation ultra-convenient. Just a push of the remote control button and your Sidewinder system immidiately begins monitoring your vehicle.

Window Tinting Dallas TX - Car Audio Installation
Prestige Security systems are designed for maximum protection with simple operation. The system features selectable active or passive arming, a 7-function diagnostic LED, defective zone bypass and much more. Optional accessories are also avaible which will enhance the security provided by your Prestige system.